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WEFTEC News: LIFT—A US leader’s forum for innovative technology

LIFT LOGOOne of the most exciting things that I saw at WEFTEC this week was the new LIFT program (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology.)

WERF and WEF have worked together to build a collaborative platform that will identify, pilot and implement new water management technologies and approaches.

US testing and demonstration is essential for many water tech solutions, and the lack of a well-funded mechanism to evaluate technologies has stalled some of the most important innovations. 

Over 100 major municipal and industrial water facilities, such as DC Water and Denver Metro, will be collaborating to streamline technical evaluation and piloting.  LIFT will drive efficiency as well as more rigorous evaluation. 

“In many cases we’ve found that water/wastewater facility owners have been examining the same group of solutions,” comments Jeff Moeller WERF Director of Water Technologies.  “LIFT provides a platform for facilities to test selected technologies and share that information.”

In addition to a technology evaluation program, LIFT will work closely with the US EPA to identify regulatory/policy barriers and develop ways to overcome them.

LIFT is initially targeting five challenges:

            •           Shortcut Nitrogen Removal
            •           Phosphorus Recovery
            •           Digestion Enhancements
            •           Energy from Wastewater
            •           Biosolids to Energy

“Over the next 24 months,” Moeller states, “we expect to see a multitude of solutions that can be shared with and evaluated by the water industry as strong improvements for operations.”

For more information, review the LIFT website: http://www.werf.org/lift/LIFT_Technologies.aspx.




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