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Profiles in utility leadership: Who will drive the next wave of start-up success?

Water Energy Nexus Image- bulb_water-300x241Our research of the Artemis Top 50 shows that the biggest utilities leading the industry in research and pilots have not been the best customers for water tech solutions.  For start-ups strapped for cash and driven to building a wide scale customer base, the biggest utilities can be quicksand in the march through the “valley of death” on the way to market.

The leaders in cutting edge research are the biggest utilities in the US.  They have ambitious teams of researchers and large budgets for piloting.  Unfortunately, purchasing new technologies often falls under a different team focused upon day-to-day operations.  Budget for application of new technology is measured in years. Not a few of the most promising start-ups have proven their technologies, only to die waiting for these big utilities to buy product.

Many of the early leaders that we are seeing graduate from the Artemis Top 50 to scale revenues to $10M, $20M and beyond started with projects with small clients.  Identifying the utilities and industry water users that are ready to act is a critical challenge.

At WEFTEC in October, and in a series of forums with its advisors, Artemis is defining the profile of first mover utilities.
-What is driving these utilities to adopt new solutions?  Regulation?  Infrastructure breakdown? Water scarcity?
-Who are the leaders within the community of mid-sized utilities that are prepared to act first within their region?

Please send us your feedback to help define the leading edge in utility management.

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