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The mission of the Artemis Top 50 is threefold:

  1. To identify the most promising early-stage water technology companies and bring them to the attention of leaders in the water industry—potential partners, customers and investors. To demonstrate that there are a critical mass of advanced water tech companies that are driving a new wave of technology and economic development.
  2. To convene a forum of industry leaders for an intensive review of promising advanced water technology start-ups.  To debate their value in operations.
  3. To foster a new community of leaders from the diversity of water equipment companies, water services, investors, academics, NGOs and economic development organizations.


Supporting the Future of Water Tech, One Company at a Time
The Artemis Top 50 seeks to identify the most promising companies before they generate the dramatic revenues, market share and profitability.   Case studies of companies that placed on the Top 50 over the last three years indicate that it has served to attract partners, investors and customers to bring these companies forward as leaders in the water industry.  The Artemis Top 50 companies have raised more than $300 M.

Developing Metrics for Understanding How Innovation can Address the Water Challenge
Case studies of the Artemis Top 50 companies provide a view for which metrics best identify future leaders in the water industry.

Ecosystem Development
Beyond the direct impact upon promising water tech companiest, the Top 50 serves to strengthen a community of water tech leaders.  For the last five, the Artemis Top 50 has served as a catalyst for change in the water industry, initiating relationships between the various players in the  emerging water tech ecosystem.