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Developing the New Metrics for Water

Innovative approaches require new ways of measuring water management. The Artemis Project Top 50 brings together an elite group of the best water experts to determine the metrics for identifying the most valuable innovations in water tech in the five pillars for water tech innovation, as well as the most promising industries.

*Note: Defining “Advanced Water Tech”
The Artemis Project focuses upon “advanced water tech” products that are:

· Solutions are a product, not a customized service
· IP-intensive—in a minimal physical form, advanced technology encompasses significant intellectual property and know-how that provides dramatic benefits over existing technologies.

These products work as the “brain” of a larger piece of equipment, as the Intel semiconductor does within a personal computer or smart phone. Intel’s intellectual property has enabled it to build a sustainable position of leadership in the semiconductor industry. It has maintained an 80% profit margin over decades.