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The Artemis Project Top 50 Water Company Competition goes beyond evaluating promising technologies.  We rate start-up’s business potential.  We work with companies to define the value of their product solution in specific applications to quantify the cost and benefit per gallon of water treated.

Artemis guides the judges through a rigorous and efficient evaluation process which combines market research and interviews with conference calls to review scores, and an onsite summit. The process drives a vibrant, fact-based debate that provides the judges with new insights on companies and market trends.


identifies the leading advanced water technologies that provide venture grade investment opportunities in water sector. The Top 50 jury bases its opinion upon the material rendered in the company application. We assume that the companies have submitted this information in good faith and that the information is accurate.

A venture-grade investment opportunity is defined as a company that makes a significant up-front investment to develop intellectual property and know-how that enables it to:

  • Create a fully developed solution to an urgent, strategic problem
  • Address a large, mass market which provides for sustainable, rapid growth
  • Target customers with similar needs that can make purchase decisions within in a matter of months
  • Increase sales rapidly
  • Establish a sustainable leadership position with a high profit margin

Evaluation Matrix

Competing companies will be evaluated with the following four criteria:

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • IP Strategy
  • Value of IP

In the category of intellectual property, companies will be rated based on both their established IP position, and the strength of process around IP strategy, idea extraction, and invention documentation.


  • Value Proposition
  • Ease of Integration with Existing Solutions
  • Product Design Fit for Key Applications
  • Value of Solution

A company’s technology will be rated based on the bottom-line value of their technologies to operations. This category evaluates both incremental improvements over existing technology as well as breakthroughs that transform processes to provide dramatic improvements in costs and other operations imperatives. Impact of solutions upon the environment, both to business, human health and water ecosystem, will also be taken into account.

Market Potential

  • Total Addressable Market
  • Potential for Rapid Market Penetration
  • Length of Sales Cycle

A company’s technology and products will be evaluated based on their perceived value within the market. The size of the total addressable market over the full life of the products, as well as the immediate value upon initial product introduction, will be taken into account when assessing market value. Judges also estimate the length of the sales cycle for the company’s product offering, with extended sales cycles inhibiting the ability of the company to grow rapidly and establish a sustainable leadership position in the market.


  • Number of Highly Experienced Team Members
  • Combined Technical, Market and Industry Background
  • Participation of Angel Investors with Relevant Background and Network
  • Venture Capital Funding

In the team category, companies will be evaluated based on the diversity and combined experience of their management teams. The strongest candidates will have management teams with extensive business, scientific, product development and operations experience.