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Details & Rules

The Artemis Project sponsors the Top 50 Water Companies Competition to identify the leading game-changing technologies that provide venture grade investment opportunities in the water sector. The competition goes beyond identifying visionary or exciting technology to assess a company’s ability to become an industry leader through market opportunity coupled with a depth of intellectual property and know-how. The Artemis Project Company Rating Matrix combines these measures with an evaluation of the company management team and its investors.


Identify the Most Promising Companies

The mission of the Artemis Project Top 50 Water Tech Competition is to identify the most promising advanced water technology companies worldwide and to support their entry into the full scale of their markets. The Artemis Project Top 50 demonstrates that the promise of advanced water tech solutions are being realized today. The Top 50 listing provides proof that there is a critical mass of innovative advanced water technology products available in the market today that dramatically improve water resources management. Water scarcity has reached a such critical point worldwide that the advantages water tech products bring to the enterprise provide significant bottom-line benefits. These products deliver benefits so dramatic that they are worth a premium in the market, even when water is almost free. These companies offer tremendous opportunities—for investors, for water users and for large water equipment and water services providers.

Build a Process to Apply Innovation to Water Infrastructure

Leading minds from diverse parts of the industry come together to judge the competition. These judges meet to contemplate the potential role of innovative approaches to water management. They rank the relative importance of innovative technologies, applications and business strategies. The metrics that the judges develop to drive the Artemis Project Top 50 company evaluation set a new means for managing water resources that address the challenges that we are facing today. The Artemis Top 50 Water Tech Company Competition evaluates companies and their flagship product from three perspectives.

  • Technology: Both intellectual property and know-how
  • Application: Product design for efficient and reliable performance in the field
  • Business Opportunity: Potential for widescale application in the market with a robust business behind it


Any formally organized company that has completed development of an IP-intensive water tech product and has not earned more than $25 M in revenues in the last year is eligible for the Artemis Top 50.


  • The Artemis Top 50 is an open competition, and entry is free. Each company must complete an online entry form and survey to participate. If you are interested in entering the Top 50 contest, please send a request for the survey to info@theartemisproject.com and use the subject: “REQUEST FOR APPLICATION: TOP 50″.
  • We actively seek out the companies that are recommended by environmental consulting firms, water equipment and chemical firms, investors, utilities and major water users.
  • We contact companies that have been referred as the most promising to encourage them to participate in the competition.
  • Starting in June, company applications are available online.
  • The deadline for application submission is July 1st 2012.
  • Over a ten-week period, the jury will review material and score each company based on their judgement and expertise.
  • The Artemis Top 50 will be announced in August. Specifics of the announcement and an awards event are still being finalized.


The judges of the Artemis Project Top 50 do not sign any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements. At the same time, we ask each of the judges to employ their professional discretion and use information in the applications for the sole purpose of evaluating the companies.