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2011 Top 50 Winners: Where Are They Now?

Following The Water Tech Industry’s New Leaders

The 2011 Artemis Top 50 are showing leadership in the water tech industry with some significant gains to announce. Now that the applications for this year’s Top 50 are currently rolling in, we can take a look back at what those named as the most promising water tech start-up companies have been up to this past year. Here are five examples of the successes earned since being named to the Artemis Top 50:

Altela  is opening two new treatment plants this year. These facilities will have the ability to not only clean the produced and frac flow-back water to distilled water quality but also to deliver “recycled” frac water.

Derceto , a New Zealand water utility software company has earned new contracts across the globe from the UK, to Korea and Texas, saving its partners money by reducing waste in energy.

Emefcy, having developed an Electrogenic Bioreactor to treat wastewater while harvesting green energy, was named  Cleantech 100 Early Stage Company of the Year in October and Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer in March

NanoH20, a company that has developed and marketed a membrane used to filter saltwater in desalination and is developing products for purifying drinking and industrial water and treating wastewater, announced in April that it raised $60.5 M and was covered by Forbes’s Green Tech.

Ostara, a tech company that harvests phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater to produce Crystal Green slow-release fertilizer, revealed in May that they had raised $14.5M for further expansion into industrial markets.

The above examples are just a sample of the achievements these companies and others on the Top 50 list have made this year. The Artemis Project looks forward to updates on how Top 50 winners have progressed and to seeing what new companies and technologies will be seen during this year’s competition. Companies that have completed a pilot and earn less than $25M in revenues per year are eligible to apply. Applying to the competition is free and contestants are judged on their technology, application and business viability.

Interested applicants may email info@theartemisproject.com, using the subject: “REQUEST FOR APPLICATION: TOP 50” ASAP.


About Kate Kilduff

Kate Kilduff is the Marketing and Public Relations fellow for the Artemis Top 50 competition. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Geography and Environmental Planning at San Francisco State University, her research concentrates on water project development in lesser-developed countries. Since graduation from University of California, San Diego and before coming to Artemis, Ms. Kilduff held a number of non-profit and international positions.
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