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Following Up with 2011 Winners

Continued Success by Top 50 Water Tech Competition Winners

Final applications for the 2012 Top 50 will be sent out to the jury this week, who will soon begin to evaluate water tech companies based on their technology, application of that technology and business viability.  Last year’s winners have achieved much success since the awards- let’s take a look at what kind of crowd this year’s applicants are hoping to join.

Epuramat was named a 2012 TiE50Energy/Cleantech Winner and a 2011 GoingGreen Global 200 Top Private Company.  They secured a number of new contracts and released a new model of their containerized wastewater treatment plant, Box4Water.

Hydrovolts is on its way to becoming a go-to technology in international development; it was named a Top 10 Innovator by Launch and has been nominated as a 2013 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

NovaThermal Energy LLC, marketing a sewage geothermal system, was selected as a Global Top 30 semifinalist by Global Cleantech Cluster Association.  This spring, NovaThermal was awarded its first contract in the United States, a story that was covered by Erica Gies in Forbes’s Green Tech.

Read this blog for more success stories or view a complete list of 2011 Top 50 winners.


About Kate Kilduff

Kate Kilduff is the Marketing and Public Relations fellow for the Artemis Top 50 competition. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Geography and Environmental Planning at San Francisco State University, her research concentrates on water project development in lesser-developed countries. Since graduation from University of California, San Diego and before coming to Artemis, Ms. Kilduff held a number of non-profit and international positions.
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