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The application evaluates companies and their flagship products from three perspectives:

•  Technology: Both intellectual property and know-how

In order to rank the most promising approaches to the different water resource challenges, the questionnaire asks you to choose the underlying science and engineering behind your solution.  Many of the most important products that are emerging into the market bring several innovations together. The questionnaire provides you with an option of choosing a secondary as well as a primary category.

•  Application: Product design for efficient and reliable performance in the field

The application requests a quantitative measurement of the costs and benefits of the company’s solution for each gallon of water treated.

•  Business Viability: Potential for wide-scale application of the product solution in the market with a robust business behind it
What is the industry and process that the company is targeting for its market launch?

We also want to hear about any metrics that you can offer to demonstrate the sustainability of your product, from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

Note: The Artemis Project and the judging team for the Top 50 Company Competition bases its opinion on the material rendered in the company application. We assume that the companies have submitted this information in good faith and that the information is accurate.

We assume an optimistic perspective that the teams behind each of these companies can fulfill the promise of their early-stage ventures.

Applicants are invited to supplement this application with additional material. Keep in mind that judges will only refer to this supplemental material at their own discretion.

Review the 2012 application here: 2012 Artemis Top 50 Application