Spotlighting the early leaders in 21st century water

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, stepping forward boldly with unerring aim.  The Artemis Top 50 process identifies the water tech companies that are driving wide-scale application of innovative advanced solutions.

Water’s agents of transformation: Engineering leaders of the future

Disruptive technologies don’t conquer their markets until they redefine their marketplace.  When that happens, mastery of that new paradigm redefines industry leadership in a matter of years. For example, in the early 1900s when steam power became capable of powering a ship across the ocean, every single transoceanic sailing-ship company went out of business.  The […]

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WEFTEC News: LIFT—A US leader’s forum for innovative technology

One of the most exciting things that I saw at WEFTEC this week was the new LIFT program (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology.) WERF and WEF have worked together to build a collaborative platform that will identify, pilot and implement new water management technologies and approaches. US testing and demonstration is essential for many water tech solutions, and […]

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Profiles in utility leadership: Who will drive the next wave of start-up success?

Our research of the Artemis Top 50 shows that the biggest utilities leading the industry in research and pilots have not been the best customers for water tech solutions.  For start-ups strapped for cash and driven to building a wide scale customer base, the biggest utilities can be quicksand in the march through the “valley […]

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Lighting the spark– it just takes one

America is falling behind in the race to build the “high tech” water economy that will drive economic growth in the next decade, according to Mike Dimitriou of Water Remediation Technologies. “We stifle innovation with too many roadblocks,” Dimitriou noted earlier today at the marquee conference for the water industry, ACE 13. Dimitriou noted that […]

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In Fracking’s Wake

The following appeared in the Wall Street Journal on September 11, 2011 By YULIYA CHERNOVA  Joe Duty BY THE TRUCKLOAD With fracking’s growth, tankers unloading wastewater keep a Texas recycling site busy The growing volume of dirty water produced in shale-gas drilling has triggered a gold rush among water-treatment companies. Energy companies increasingly are drilling for natural […]

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Why Now?

Two questions that tell us when the time has come for high-tech water Water technology is destined to be one of the great tech investment opportunities of the next decade. With a limited amount of water on earth, the population continues to grow while businesses develop.  Investing in water is emerging as one of the […]

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A pioneer’s view of the frontier

Each year since 2009, the Artemis Water Tech Top 50 Review has identified 50 companies that show the promise of water tech.  Quite of few of them have already emerged from product launch to raise capital, close partnerships and install at their first customers.  The Artemis Review looks at a worldwide pool companies that are […]

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The Soft Path for Water – Beyond the Dams, the Vats and the Pipes

Peter Gleick, one of the leading visionaries on the future of water, came to speak at the fourth Artemis Top 50 Fellows’ Forum last week. Gleick is the founder and President of the Pacific Institute, a policy think tank that has pioneered new approaches to water management. For the last 30 years, the Pacific Institute […]

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Following Up with 2011 Winners

Continued Success by Top 50 Water Tech Competition Winners Final applications for the 2012 Top 50 will be sent out to the jury this week, who will soon begin to evaluate water tech companies based on their technology, application of that technology and business viability.  Last year’s winners have achieved much success since the awards- […]

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Chris Morrison on Business Viability

This morning, Chris Morrison, VP of Strategic Sales at Nalco, an Ecolab company, spoke at the Top 50 Fellows’ Forum. Chris is the Chairman of the team of judges assessing the business viability of the companies contending for the Artemis Project’s Top 50 Water Tech Awards.  He led a discussion on what it takes for […]

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